Print2Flash 5.1

Converts any printable document into a fully working Flash movie
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Converts documents to the Flash format. Includes support for SWF files, HTML pages or SVG format. Installs a virtual driver that processes the conversion steps. Keeps the file structure and supports using hyperlinks while keeping the bookmarks intact.

Print2Flash enables anyone to convert any printable document into a Flash movie, allowing to easily share files with users who don’t have the required software to read the original document. Almost everybody has got Flash player installed on the computer so virtually all files converted can be viewed in every operating system that supports flash playback.

Print2Flash is also a way of protecting documents. Instead of having a file encrypted for secure emailing or publishing, converting it to an SWF file which cannot be edited surely is an easy and safe way to protect authoring rights. Another great thing about Print2Flash is that it was designed thinking in terms of Web publishing, so it has a great feature which embeds a SWF converted file into an HTML file for easy Internet publishing. The HTML file is totally customizable in terms of width, alignment, and other options.

This new version introduces support for hyperlinks, meaning that any web URL is maintained in the converted files and when clicked, it will normally redirect one to that particular address. Additionally, more document properties are supported, such as keeping highlighted text, formats, document links, thumbnails, etc.

Print2Flash is an excellent way to securely share important documents. It’s available in different languages and has batch conversion capabilities.

Max Santillana
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  • Easy document conversion & sharing
  • HTML Web publishing
  • Support of navigation to bookmarks
  • Custom skin design
  • Document format & properties are kept
  • URl/Hyperlink support


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